Emily & Brendan Case

My husband and I started looking for our first home and soon realized how overwhelming and daunting it can become. The Portland market can be very difficult to navigate when houses are only on the market for a day or two before they sell! Betsy was recommended by a friend and she met with us as soon as we reached out to her. We were immediately impressed! Betsy and Tamra were extremely responsive and always on the lookout for something we would like. We ended up finding a home that is absolutely perfect in every way and we are so in love with it! I can without a doubt say we would not have found or bought this home without Betsy and Tamra. They are exceptionally knowledgeable about the Portland area and have the inside scoop on upcoming listings. They often know about houses before they are ever listed and it is truly rare to find someone so genuinely great at their job. Not only are they the best realtors around, but they are both wonderful people and I am so glad we were able to get to know them! If you ever decide to buy in Portland and want to get the house you want, Betsy and Tamra will not disappoint!

Jessie & Kyna Williams

As 3-time repeat customers (twice selling and once buying), we can say with confidence that Betsy and Tamra are a dream to work with.
They have an immense and hyper-local knowledge of the market, neighborhoods and trends. At our first meeting, they brought an authority and confidence that allowed us to list our home at the right price, resulting in two full-priced offers within the first weekend.
After the home inspection came back, the buyers sent over a lengthy list of amendments that Betsy and Tamra helped to negotiate. Betsy and Tamra even offered to adjust their costs to ensure the deal went through and our transaction went smoothly.
While listing a home can be stressful, Betsy and Tamra acted timely, professionally and reliably on our behalf to ease all pressure, ensuring dates were met, responses were made and contracts were closed.
We trust them inherently and wouldn't think about using anyone else to buy or sell a home in Portland.

Pam Howard

It has been a pleasure to work with Betsy Menefee Rickles over the past couple of months. She was happy to show me condo buildings before we were ready to buy. She has excellent, trusting relationships with other respected realtors. She and her partner Tamra Dimmick suggested a process for selling our beautiful old home in the Southwest hills of Portland. After a Broker’s open she confirmed a perfect sale price and our home sold for full price in 3 days while we were traveling. When we returned she encouraged us to revisit a condo that we had loved before our trip. The rest is history as we are in agreement with the sellers to purchase a condo that is just perfect for us. I highly recommend Betsy as a top Broker on both the purchase and sale sides of the real estate market.

Melissa Jacobs

Betsy and Tamra were both truly incredible to work with. Betsy seemed to instantaneously understand what we were looking for and was such a pleasure to be around. She is so connected to Portland and knows the market so well that it made buying a home unbelievably fast. I was almost sorry to have found a home within days of meeting with Betsy because I didn’t get to talk to her as much anymore! That being said, over the years as we have had questions about remodeling our own home etc she has graciously spent time giving us her thoughts. I have referred many people to Betsy because she’s honest, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and conscientious. I can’t say enough good things about Betsy and the time that we spent working with her and our ongoing relationship with her.

Amy Margolis & Matt Mader

Selling a house is stressful and emotional. Betsy has been with us for a long time and she always makes things easier and less intense. She knows everything about Portland's west side and is clearly respected by her real estate peers. She picks up the phone when you call, gives honest and forthright advice and keeps the train on the tracks. If you are looking for a broker with integrity and experience who will get you the very best result, she's amazing. We would never use anyone else.

Jeff & Carol Day

Betsy and Tamra are both extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Thanks to Betsy we are living in what we consider a perfect home for us. She brought it to our attention when it first hit the market several years ago, allowing us to secure it in front of other offers. Following that, her creative marketing and negotiating helped sell our old home at top market value. More recently Betsy and Tamra helped us sell a rental house in the neighborhood without any issues. We would recommend them without hesitation.

Ian & Kelly Miller

We worked with Betsy for several years on our search for a new home and she was patience itself - showing us several excellent homes on the way to her finding us the perfect home which we truly love. She and Tamra were highly professional in managing the transaction which was stress free. Needless to say, but she sold our former home for us with the same care and attention. I could not recommend her more highly.

Carol Baker

Betsy Menefee Rickles and Tamara Dimmick provided exceptional expertise and services before, and during the sale of my mother’s home. They were professional in every way, informative throughout the sales process and always available. It was a pleasure to have this wonderful team at the helm, and the result was the sale outcome that we desired.

Amanda Klash

Working with Betsy was such a pleasure. She, Tamra, and their team of professionals helped us sell our home quickly and easily. Betsy's skill with negotiating helped us walk away feeling like we and the buyers had both gotten exactly what we wanted out of the deal. We will always work with and refer Betsy to our friends and family.

Michael Bigelow

It's been almost a month now since we officially closed on the sale of my home, which seems like a perfect time to thank Betsy and Tamra again for such a gratifying experience.

From the get-go I appreciated your approach and high level of engagement. After inquiring about my desires relative to the sale of the house you readily provided thoughtful and candid counsel. Thanks so much for not telling me I was crazy but instead focusing on what it would take to manifest my desired outcome.

I so appreciated your proactive hands-on support in helping me attend to the things that needed attention. Also for the gentle and steady manner in which you assured me that things would sort themselves out if I would just trust the process. You were terrific partners, always available to listen to my worries/concerns and then offering reassuring context and perspective.

As it turned out once we put the house on the market things happened quickly and along the way I always felt really well informed.

It's with much gratitude that I share with you what I've already shared with others (and will continue to do so) -- I really appreciated how during the negotiations you both so graciously balanced pragmatism, calmness, caring and confidence, while being fully committed to a successful outcome for all concerned.

Catherine Moss

We moved from the east coast, not knowing anything about Portland, and Betsy and Tamra listened to what we wanted. They took time to show us around, explaining the various neighborhoods and showed us listings that fit our requests. They always kept us up-to-date and were very knowledgeable about the whole buying process. Whether is was by phone or email, Betsy and Tamra were cheerful and happy to explain the details of the close, lenders, insurance and other legalities. Once we closed on our house, Betsy and Tamra really shined. Since we were still 3000 miles away packing up our house they were our lifeline and helped organize workers, installations, inspections, and even deliveries to our new home. If I had a question about some aspect of our new home, they had the answer or knew who to call to get the answer. I highly recommend the team of Betsy and Tamra for moving within or relocating to Portland.

Melisa Lindsay and Michael Lipkins

Working with Betsy and Tamra was a breath of fresh air for us! In the turbulent Portland Real Estate Market they were calm and cool under pressure. Betsy and Tamra helped us navigate the ups and downs of the whole process and were helpful and reassuring at every turn.
We are grateful for their expertise and would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Jessie and Kyna Williams

Here's what we absolutely loved about Betsy: She is HONEST. She was up-front and fully transparent with us. She is THOUGHTFUL. She took the time to walk through our unit with us to provide feedback on areas that we should focus on before listing. She is THOROUGH. She brought two staging specialists through our unit to provide feedback on staging and layout. She pays attention to DETAILS and nothing goes un-noticed. From her photos to marketing materials to the fact that she wanted to personally be present for each showing - she knows that details , both on paper and in person matter. She is ATTENTIVE. She does not let an email or phone call go by for longer than a few minutes before responding. When our deal had the potential of falling through, she worked diligently with the buyer's agent, our HOA board and our Building's Management Company to get all details needed to seal the deal. She even attended our building's HOA meeting to ensure all details were met and the buyer was happy. She knows how to balance BUSINESS AND EMOTION. Selling a home is hard. By the time we met Betsy we were tired and in desperate need of selling our condo. Betsy understood this and worked to get us the best deal possible. What a dream that we got an offer within five days of listing our unit! She helped us negotiate by balancing emotion and business to ensure we'd seal the deal but also get the most money for us. She has TAMRA! Honestly, they are a dream team. Betsy is incredibly "on" all the time but having Tamra by her side to assist and balance the workload is amazing. We are thrilled to use Betsy & Tamra's services to help us buy a new house and we will absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs an agent in the future. Thank you! We are your biggest fans!

Manuel and Laura Goty

Betsy Rickles is the best real estate agent I've worked with. She sets the standard for other agents. High professionalism, thorough, very responsive, smart and and fun to work with. We are naturally cautious in handing over our trust and confidence with a transaction of this magnitude but with Betsy we were comfortable every step of the way.

Cameron Cover and Julie Raggio

Wow. Betsy and Tamra comprise a wonderful team of professionals, with us every step of the way. Betsy led us patiently to dozens of houses in different Portland neighborhoods. She is a terrific listener, never pushy, and has a great sense for the qualities that make a superior home. When we found the house we wanted, and negotiations with the seller got a little rocky, Betsy smoothed the way to a sale with calm and composure. Tamra covered the myriad details and transactions that got us to a sale, and helped us get our old home ready to sell. Drawing on Betsy and Tamra's advice about how to present the house to its greatest advantage, we sold our old home in 72 hours, at a price higher than we asked. Experienced, attentive, detail-oriented, and just wonderful individuals - Betsy and Tamra are far and away the best Realtors we have ever used.

Robert C. Peithman

The best customer is a repeat customer. After a great experience with Betsy and Tamra in 2012 buying my daughter's house, we decided to work with them a second time when I made the decision to relocate to Portland from Baltimore, Maryland. The key to a successful purchase the second time was their ability to evaluate my needs and review the listings as they posted to RMLS. Only after a review and determination whether the house and neighborhood met my needs did they present the opportunity to me. This attention to detail saved me much time when I made my cross-country trips to look at their suggestions. These ladies know the greater Portland real estate market like no one else. Hiring a Realtor is an important decision. I validated their skills by hiring them twice.

Jane & Hal Ayotte

We were so thankful and appreciative of both Betsy & Tamra in regards to selling our home, we just can't say enough. There are almost too many things to list that we so appreciated...your professionalism, follow through, scheduling, fabulous photos, communication and overall outlook and compromise on your part to make the deal work. We would enthusiastically recommend you both! We would be happy to speak to any future clients regarding your outstanding work. Thank you, thank you!

Adam Harrington

Betsy and Tamra are THE team to work with in Portland. I first met Betsy at one of her open houses. While at that time I was not yet a serious buyer, Betsy not only took the time to understand what I would be looking for down the road, but kept me abreast of market information and new listings that were coming to market that might be of interest. Over the next 18 months, we evaluated a number of properties, and ultimately closed on a house that was a perfect fit. The process was a competitive one, but ultimately I think that Betsy's respect amongst agents in the marketplace was a key contributor to getting a deal across the finish line. Our process was a long one, but Betsy's endless tank of positive energy made it enjoyable and ultimately rewarding. Not to mention she is full of great tips on everything from contractors to yard services to restaurants. I can't recommend Betsy and Tamra highly enough!

Herb Goodman

We recently sold our home through the good offices of Betsy Menefee Rickles and Tamra Dimmick. I can heartily recommend them to anybody interested in a pair of honest hard-working Realtors. Our House was a very different contemporary home built for two adults which narrowed the market. Betsy & Tamra suggested some modest and relatively inexpensive changes so that it would appeal to a wider clientele. The two of them were delightful to work with and their integrity and fairness was beyond reproach. If and when I sell a home again, I will use them as my realtors.

Alejandro Renjifo & Sandra Iragorri

We have bought and sold property in Colombia, the UK and the US before but we had never experienced the quality and personal attention to detail that we experienced this past summer with Windermere and Betsy Rickles in particular. She was the best representative we could have had. She understood and worked through our needs and limitations with an expertise that made the process seem effortless and the transitions very smooth. We are so impressed with the quality of her work, that we would unreservedly recommend her as the best estate agent in Portland.

Lora & Jim Meyer

Selling a home is an emotional experience but when you receive great advice from your real estate agent, it makes the process less painful. Betsy knew our neighborhood well and gave us sound guidance on preparing our home and ourselves, focusing on the highest-priority items. She has good relationships with other agents who could bring prospects to our home. Betsy has a network of contractors who were available on short notice to help with a variety of tasks that needed to be accomplished quickly. Her assistant, Tamra, is very competent and kind, so that even when Betsy was not available the process went on smoothly. We recommend Betsy & Tamra because they are thoughtful, professional and fun!

Susan Farago

Betsy and Tamra are an exceptional team. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Their professional experience engenders trust and confidence. Betsy went the extra mile to make my experience with her pleasant and fruitful. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Sumit & Amandeep

Betsy and Tamra were absolutely awesome to work with! We consider ourselves lucky to have worked with them. As first time home buyers, they were very very patient with us during the home search. They set up all the showings we asked for and made suggestions about houses we might like. Once we decided on the home, they guided us through the whole process, communicating constantly to make our decision making easy. Overall, as human beings and as professionals, Betsy and Tamra are truly awesome. We would definitely recommend them to our friends and hopefully they will help us in our future buying/selling needs!

MaryAnn MacKinnon

Betsy is an amazing agent who is able to handle the most stressful situations with amazing competency, grace & humor. She is thoughtful, thorough and diligent. She is ten steps ahead during every phase of the process. She immediately returns phone calls, emails and texts, which is so very much appreciated. She exceeded my expectations every step of the way. What is great about Betsy is that she understands every real estate transaction is important, no matter the price or size of the home. Because of this, she is respectful of her clients' real estate needs and desires and she is willing to go out of her way to help her clients achieve their goals. Betsy makes things happen, gets things done and never waivers under pressure. She has a great understanding of the market and how clients can take advatage of its current standing. She is not out to sell houses. Her goal is to help clients find the perfect home, which she successfully did for us!

Paul & Nancy Zadoff

Selling a house is always an event. Selling a home is fraught with many emotions. Selling a property while living in another state is a challenge. On all levels, Betsy and Tamra met our high expectations for professionalism, commitment, objective management and, most importantly, understanding a family's needs. They provided every resource needed to present our home in a compelling way to attract the right buyers. Though we were not physically present, Betsy and Tamra understood and represented both our objectives and boundaries to prospective buyers. They were proactive in their communications with us, agile and relevant in their marketing, and appropriately aggressive with the other party's brokers. We know any seller would have an excellent experience.

Charlie & Sandy Starkey

Considering how slow the housing market had become the last few years, we'd anticipated that selling our West Hills home could drag on for months, or longer. After researching realtors specializing in our neighborhood with a record of quick sales, we found Betsy Rickles clearly stood out above the rest. Before we knew it she had sold our home, and for a higher price than we thought possible. Betsy is an exceptionally nice person, is very easy to work with, and always answers phone calls and emails promptly. She gave us sensible advice on pricing and staging our home, without recommending expensive and unnecessary improvement work others had advised. Betsy's delightful assistant, Tamra Dimmick, was a great support person who successfully presented our offer to buy the new home we're moving into. We can't recommend Betsy and Tamra highly enough.

Sandra Rowe

I could not recommend Betsy Rickles more highly. We were selling and looking for a new house for the first time in 20 years. Betsy understood our needs and our schedules and was always responsive. Her local knowledge is the deepest possible -- we tease her that she is related by blood or marriage to half the town and knows most of it. Plus, she is the most fun person to be around and who wouldn't want to be with someone you like and completely trust in such personal transaction? At several points our potential purchase of a new home got complicated. Betsy knew the answers to our questions or did whatever research she needed to find the answer. She's the best.

Tricia Murphy

Betsy was very easy to work with, communicated efficiently and professionally, knew the market that we were dealing with and listened well to us as sellers. Her instinct was fantastic regarding what needed (or didn't need) to be done to the house prior to putting it on the market. Two solid offers came in immediately and we know it was because of Betsy's coaching and great timing. We still comment on how lucky we were!

Jeff & Laura Krum

The service we received from Betsy was perfect. We had the feeling that Betsy had held our interests ahead of anything else at each step of the process. She also knew professionally when to give us the appropriate nudge. Everything Betsy did exceeded our expectations. She honestly made the process enjoyable and we love her advertisements.

Margaux Mennesson

Betsy helped me find my dream house and she made the whole process so fun and easy. When we learned there would be two competing offers in addition to mine, Betsy had a strategy to make my offer stand out above the others. Throughout the whole experience, Betsy was responsive, smart, and flexible. She gave honest advice and explained every step in detail so that despite being a first time homebuyer I felt confident making decisions.

Dr. Matthew Thompson & Lisa Babinec

Wonderful agent! Very professional and responsive to both seller and buyer. Knows the PDX market and is both pragmatic and persuasive - Betsy's charm and business acumen achieved satisfaction on all levels (sold house in a week). Fantastic to work with-recommended without reservations!

Lisa & Richard Stoltze

Betsy sold our house and helped us find a new, smaller home. Buying and selling homes can be stressful but Betsy helped us navigate through it all with great listening and communication skills. We appreciated that Betsy was available, responsive and possesses a wonderful sense of humor. After Betsy sold our house we couldn't imagine working with anyone else to help us find a new home. We so appreciate her hard work and ability to provide objective and creative solutions to any issues that came up. Betsy manages to make the process of home buying and selling fun and run smoothly.